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FairStars Audio Converter Pro 1.81

Multi-format audio conversion tool with support for all well-known codecs
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FairStars Audio Converter Pro provides you with a highly versatile and flexible solution to all audio conversion needs. With support for a wide array of well-known audio codecs, this professional utility comes also with a comprehensive tag editor and customizable file renaming templates that will help you organize your entire audio collection in just a few operations.

Though not the most sophisticated or attractive of its kind, the program’s interface is a practical and straightforward working environment designed to make the most of the program’s functionality. The main area is devoted to the conversion list, where all selected source files are listed showing a plethora of valuable information about the input format, the length, the output format selected, or the proposed output filename. This output filename can be easily changed, either individually prior to the conversion process or in batches once all conversions have taken place. Batch renaming routines count with the valuable help of the program’s customizable filename templates, which can carry not only the artist’s name and the track title, but also the album, the year, the track number, and even a comment, all neatly organized in the order and with the separators of your choice. Tags can also be edited and customized easily. The program supports the latest ID3 tags, including lyrics, copyright notices, original artist, or the name of the person who encoded the track.

Unlike many similar tools, the output format selected need not to be necessarily applied to all the audio tracks on the conversion list, which usually forces us to create as many lists as output formats required. On the contrary, FairStars Audio Converter Pro allows you not only to assign a different output codec to each item on the list, but also to customize each of the profiles selected to fit all your needs and preferences. Thus, you will only need to launch the conversion process once.

It is this high level of flexibility, together with the program’s extensive functionality and support for all the most widely used audio codecs (both lossy and lossless), that makes FairStars Audio Converter Pro a sure bet among the many professional audio conversion tools available in the market. Complete with a built-in player, this app will surely cover all your audio conversion needs.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports a wide array of audio formats
  • Tag editing capabilities
  • File renaming options via templates
  • Customizable output formats
  • Allows for multi-format batch conversion


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